Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart, 1-Count

Folding backyard cart perfect for lawn work ranging from collecting weeds to spreading bark to moving boulders
Collapses for simple, ground-level loading; enables the user to rake, shovel or slide material into the canvas barrel
Constructed from heavy-gauge steel and tough duralite-type canvas
Brings approximately 300 pounds
1-year restricted service warranty
Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart, 1-Count
Collapses for simple, ground-level loading; enables the user to rake, shovel, or slide material into the canvas barrel
Fabric canvas surface is made from vinyl-coated denier nylon
UV-resistant, industrial-strength joints support approximately 150-pounds

Weighs under 15-pounds with a collapsible style
Brighten your surroundings with an Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Holding Yard Cart. Voted among the Wall Street Journalss top ten gardening items of the year, the WheelEasy line of ground, flush loading garden carts remain in a league of their own. Unlike anything else on the marketplace today, WheelEasys special soft, sided canvas barrow lays flat on the ground where gardening takes location. Just sweep, rake, roll, slide or drag straight into the canvas barrow, no heavy or uncomfortable lifting needed. The WheelEasy is offered in two sizes. Utilize the original WheelEasy for big jobs, because it has a capability of 350 lbs and the WheelEasyLE for smaller sized jobs (150 lb. capacity). Yard work is fun, however we're always trying to find methods to make it easier. Why break your back if you do not need to? Allsop has a fantastic method to save your back and still do the job. The WheelEasy is the next step in the evolution of the wheel barrow. However to be technical, it's unfair to consider it as a wheel barrow. The WheelEasy is a compact and affordable collapsible yard cart. It's the perfect product for yard work ranging from collecting weeds to spreading bark, moving gravel or rocks or even pruning. Seriously, this tool will make the work easier. When you drop the deals with to the ground, you get ground, level loading. You don't have to raise anything to obtain it into the WheelEasy, just rake, shovel or slide. The only lifting you do is raising the manages from the ground. And according to the laws of physics, you're just lifting a portion of the load. Use the WheelEasy to make it simpler to replant a shrub, move a stone, put out some bark or rake some leaves. Use a wheel barrow to blend concrete. This product is guaranteed under guarantee one year from original date of purchase, evidence of purchase needed, producers flaw only. In addition to these garden tools inspect out our array of outside solar lighting. Allsop is the founder of the principle solar garden art. Allsop Home Garden is understood for special combinations of green solar innovation, efficient LED lighting, artisan Hand-blown glass and usage of other creative materials with solar power. Allsop Home Garden is a little household service, started by a dad and a child who were motivated to develop a better wheel barrow. With this in mind, our objective is to develop innovative and meaningful items that are as important to you as they are to us. Now, 9 years later on we are still motivated to develop the very best, the most ingenious and diligent items possible from initial garden tools to solar lighting. Allsop. Bonuses Illuminate your life.

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